Refractive Surgery

At AHUJA EYE CENTRE, we have advanced Refractive Surgery options to treat common refractive errors such as Myopia(near-sightedness), Hyperopia(far-sightedness), Astigmatism (blurriness) and Aberrations. AHUJA EYE CENTRE is equipped with advanced systems and procedures for vision correction in which the treatment can be personalized for each eye of the patient.

Laser Vision Correction

A personalized zyoptix treatment (Customized LASIK) corrects the refractive errors to great accuracy and provides the best quality of vision by additionally correcting the optical aberration of the eye. A tissue-saving zyoptix, as the name suggests, corrects the required power using a lesser amount of corneal tissue, thus can correct more refractive errors in thin corneas. An Aspheric Zyoptix has the double advantage of correcting the spherical aberration of the eye as well as maintaining a natural corneal shape.

Intra Ocular Surgeries

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) ICL corrects the higher degree of refractive error which cannot be done by laser treatments. An implantable contact lens (ICL spherical /Toric) is surgically implanted in the eye between the iris and the natural crystalline lens through a small corneal incision.

Refractive Lens Exchange: In refractive lens exchange surgery the natural crystalline lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial Intraocular lens (IOL) to achieve sharper focus, rarely it opted for young people with very high powers. The surgical procedure is almost the same as cataract surgery and is done under local/topical anaesthesia.